The Advantages of Using a secure VPN connection

What are the advantages of a VPN?

The Advantages of Using a secure VPN connection

The last time you'll hear more often that a VPN Service is recommended, in order to surf anonymously. Especially now Popcorn Time frequently in the news, turns up the term a lot on. So we suggest to read nordvpn review, and what are the benefits of?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and is widely used in business, for example, to the local networks to link different locations into a single collaborative virtual network.

It goes without saying that this would require a solid security and a reliable protocol is necessary. You want after all not that cyber criminals can intercept your company data on the go.

At the same time, a VPN connection for business use also stable. All that kind of stuff are perfectly arranged under the umbrella of VPN.


There are various protocols available, the most popular are currently L2TP, IPSec and OpenVPN. The outdated and less secure PPTP is available as back-up if none of the other protocols available, but we recommend that protocol.

All three newer protocols support at least 256-AES encryption that is regarded as very safe. OpenVPN adds some extra touches to the area of protection, so if you have the choice for this last option: always do. Most VPN providers use at least, often in combination with IPSec, L2TP and (or) OpenVPN.

Home use

You don't have to understand all the ins and outs to VPN. Also for the non-commercial user is VPN become increasingly important in recent years, namely. There are more and more VPN providers that has a different objective than linking (business) networks. The same technique is also useful for fine, for example, you enter the internet anonymously (properly).

First of all, please sign in to a VPN service, you then receive the necessary information for a connection to the VPN server. Configure your pc or mobile with this data. Are you connected to the VPN, once a special situation.


First, are you now linked to the internet through the VPN server. That server can be anywhere in the world, which means that you have a Wide Area Network (wan) ip address of a location quite sometime different from where you are physically located. At the same time, the VPN connection to and from the VPN provider securely encrypted. So no one can read along, even for your own provider is this data stream Unhackable.

That way you can so from Netherlands with for example a Chinese ip address pretty anonymous Internet access. The only chance you at illegal activities (think of downloading copyright protected material) still get caught, is if the VPN provider something like cooperating with Government requests on logs of users. Are you out there afraid of, consider VPN with Tor.